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Medication is often the preferred treatment method for anxiety sufferers. And, while it can help to calm your nerves, it can come with some serious side effects. Additionally, many medications used to treat anxiety are highly addictive. What’s worse is that medication is not actually a cure for anxiety. Instead, it is simply a way to suppress your symptoms. This means that, if you try to go off of your anxiety medication, you are likely to find that your symptoms return just as bad as they were before you started taking medication.

Learning how to calm anxiety without medication is the most successful way to treat it. This is because you are learning coping skills, not just suppressing the symptoms. Sadly, however, there is so little information about calming anxiety without the use of medication.

Why the Gag Order?

While there really is no answer as to why natural methods are not more widely used and researched for anxiety, there is a theory that makes sense. You see, when you take medication, everyone involved makes money, except you. If you use natural methods for curing anxiety, however, no one makes money. This means, no matter how effective natural treatment methods work, they are not likely to be widely promoted because big money drug companies won’t make any money.

Why Medication is Not the Answer

What you need to realize is that anxiety is not a physical illness. While there are physical symptoms displayed in anxiety and the reaction is caused by a chemical release in your brain, which is also physical, anxiety starts in your mind. This means that anxiety is a psychological disorder. To treat anxiety effectively, you have to address it as a psychological issue, not a physical one.

The Linden Method

The Linden Method is one of the most popular methods used to calm anxiety. The creator of the Linden method battled extreme anxiety for years. After recovering from his anxiety, he developed a complete method to help others calm their anxiety, one day at a time, just like he did. The program does not give any false hopes or promise immediate results. It does, however, guarantee to use only natural techniques to help you learn how to handle your anxiety.


The benefits of exercise go beyond just the physical aspects. Exercise has been used to help individuals with a variety of mental illnesses. When exercising, good chemicals are released into the brain and the body feels better. This also helps to release stress hormones from the body. Studies have shown regular exercise (30 minutes a day) to be very effective at calming anxiety problems.

Removing Harmful Items From Your Life

Stimulants can be a big source of anxiety for some individuals. This can include caffeine, cigarette smoking, and processed sugars. While there aren’t very many studies that document the success of removing such items from your diet, there have been many individuals that have reported an improvement in their anxiety levels after removing stimulants from their life.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation have been used for centuries by many cultures to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety. However, very few studies have actually been performed on the benefits of using these techniques to help calm anxiety. Studies that have been performed indicate that there may be benefits to using these techniques. Since they are natural, there really is no harm to trying them out to help you manage your anxiety.

Nutritional Supplements

Some studies indicate that taking nutritional supplements may provide anxiety-reducing benefits. However, there are other studies that state that the evidence is unsubstantial. Some supplements discussed include Niacin, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Omega-3, and Inositol. In most cases, taking nutritional supplements are harmless. However, you should discuss nutritional supplements with your doctor before taking them, especially if you take other medications or have certain health conditions. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also discuss all nutritional supplements with their doctor.


Currently, there is no supporting evidence that indicates that acupuncture is effective at treating anxiety. However, it has been widely used in many cultures for a wide variety of conditions. Some individuals report that they see an improvement after using acupuncture while others state that they see little to no improvement.

Continuing Research

Currently, there are more than 108 different anxiety treatment methods being reviewed and studied. Of course, you won’t find these treatments on television or in a pamphlet. You will have to spend some time following the different methods. You might even test a few of them out for yourself. Find what works for you and don’t be afraid to try something new.


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